The Issues

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When Republican Cheryl Williams ran for County Commissioner in 2010, she promised to be a champion of our shared conservative values, and to fight for a county government that was lean and efficient, and which delivers the basic services you expect while keeping your tax burden low. Cheryl has delivered on that commitment. There is still much to do and Cheryl continues her efforts in making sure Collin County delivers what it promises to its citizens.


Open Government and Transparency

Cheryl is committed to open and honest government. Transparency is crucial. If voters don’t know what their elected officials are doing they can’t hold them accountable.

Since 2010 Collin County has received one of the Texas Comptroller’s top awards for government transparency. For the last five years the County has received the Leadership Circle Platinum Award, which is the highest award given for excellence in transparency.

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The Rule of Law and Personal Responsibility

Cheryl Williams believes in following not only the rule of law, but also the spirit of the law. She was instrumental in working with our State Legislators in Austin to pass legislation that stops immigrants from continuing to exploit the indigent healthcare system. This will save Collin County taxpayers more than $1 million annually. Cheryl’s testimony in favor of House Bill 655 helped close a loophole in state rules that allowed legal aliens to qualify for indigent health care from the county even when they have sponsors with the means to support them financially. Now people who sponsor immigrants coming into our country must also accept responsibility for their health care costs.

There has been significant overreach by some cities in the county as they try to extend their permitting powers outside their city limits. Cheryl believes in private property rights and will continue to defend the rights of private property owners in the unincorporated areas of the county against illegal government regulation.

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Transportation and Economic Development

Cheryl Williams is a strong proponent of economic development initiatives including Collin County’s most important economic development tool – transportation infrastructure. She advocates constantly assessing and planning for our future transportation needs. This is critical if Collin County is going to continue to be an appealing place for businesses to relocate or establish themselves in the future. Creating a business friendly environment is a high priority for Cheryl.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Cheryl Williams has a strong conservative record when it comes to administering tax dollars. She knows that tax dollars are your dollars.

The county tax rate has been reduced over 24% since 2011, the year Cheryl took office. Cheryl Williams also led the charge to eliminate a costly retiree health care plan for county employees that were eligible for Medicare. By scrapping that one program, she was able to erase a $96 million liability, save taxpayers $5 million a year and release $9 million in cash reserves that was previously committed to the program. This, along with fully funding the existing county employee pension obligation, saved the citizens $3 million of interest annually.