Former State Representative Jodie Laubenberg

I am proud to endorse Cheryl Williams for re-election. As a member of the Public Health Committee, I watched Cheryl fight to keep Collin County out of the sphere of Parkland Hospital and their tax. We need to keep her strong, conservative leadership working for us on Commissioner’s Court.


State Representative Matt Shaheen

I served on Commissioner’s Court with Cheryl and saw firsthand, her commitment to conservative principles, limited government, and low taxes. As a State Representative, I’ve seen Cheryl working hard in Austin advocating for the County and her constituents. Cheryl has the skills, the experience, and the character necessary to lead the sixth largest county in Texas. I wholeheartedly support and endorse Cheryl Williams.


Former Collin County Commissioner Mark Reid

It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Cheryl Williams on the Commissioner’s Court. She was knowledgeable, prepared, a principled conservative, and a good steward of taxpayer dollars. She understood the unique characteristics and challenges of her precinct and was a strong advocate for her constituents. Cheryl has served as Commissioner with integrity and excellence and I enthusiastically endorse Cheryl Williams for reelection.

Marla Barth, Nevada City Secretary

Its nice to know we may finally have someone in office that will actually listen to our concerns.

Ed Cage

Thanks for voting to cut our tax rate, Cheryl.

Linda Carrington

We are so appreciative of your courage, knowledge, and clarity in trying to support the work of the CPS Board at today’s Budget Workshop

Debbie Krajewski

Cheryl, glad Jodi Laubenberg agrees with those of us in Precinct 2 who have experienced the great voice you lend to us. Thank you for standing for ” we the people”. We are the beneficiaries!

Warren Jones

I am proud of the job she has done as my representative in county government. She has saved taxpayers millions and been unafraid to challenge the status quo in doing what is right for Collin County. My kind of leader.

Kay Norby

It is GREAT to finally have someone advocating for the lake area folks and their roadway problems. Much appreciated Commissioner C. Thank you!

Lee Pettle, Parker City Council

Cheryl has served us well.

Bill Adams, Sachse City Council

Thank you so much for your support in regards to the Woodbridge Pkwy. extension.

Larry Thomasson

Thank you so much for all your time , this is something that many people will benefit from and all due to your actions. We appreciate everything that you are doing.

Rob Caldwell

Thank you for voting against the salvage yard application yesterday. As a resident of Nevada, I appreciate not having another salvage yard on the main road into town. As Fire Chief for Nevada, I appreciate it as one less hazard to deal with.

Dan Swan

I live in Grand Heritage and attended the Lavon meeting tonight. I am not a fan of politics but am a fan of leadership and I appreciated your leadership tonight. Some lead to get the job done, great leaders care about people who get the job done. I think your of the latter.

Mayor Chuck Teske

Thank you for such a warm reception on my first visit to Commissioners Court. By keeping us informed on this important issue and others, you continue to demonstrate your commitment to the people you represent in this part of the country. When I speak of Cheryl Williams to the folks out here it is prefaced by “Our Friend"

Donna Jenkins, Collin County Historical Commission

Thank you for attending the marker dedication for the Old Murphy Depot on Tuesday. I appreciate you taking time from your already busy day to stand in the hot sun to dedicate a marker. Moreover, your support of Murphy and Collin County is outstanding. We appreciate all you do to preserve the history of local communities in Collin County and support the programs of the Collin County Historical Commission. Again, thank you.

Nancy Boyd

Please know how much I appreciate your time, effort and support for CITY House and the neglected youth in our county. The time you have given to CITY House speaks volumes to your commitment to your position as a Commissioner and the welfare of our county. Please know how much I appreciate the work you are doing, and I will continue to support you and convey to my friends the wise choices you are making for our county. Thanks again for being a champion for causes that affect the lives of our citizens and for generations to come in Collin County.

John Myers, Republican Precinct 64 Chair

Both Patty and I endorse you for re-election! You have been an outstanding conservative voice on the Collin County commissioners court! Thank you for all you do!

Mayor Doug Athas

I’m proud for all you do for your constituents, for the county, and for the region!

Scott Dunn, Richardson City Councilmember

Thank you for all your hard work for Richardson and other cities in your district. It is nice to know we have someone working for what’s right.

Jim Skinner, Collin County Sheriff

I’m writing to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all the hard work, attention to detail and diligent planning and effort that you contributed to our FY18 budget process. It speaks volumes that while Collin County maintains the lowest tax rate in the State of Texas, our Commissioner’s Court works tirelessly to protect our citizens by substantially investing in the County’s public safety apparatus and it’s employees. This type of fiscal responsibility and leadership leads the way and is a model that others across the State should work to emulate. The men and women of the Collin County Sheriff’s Office are grateful for your unyielding support and we thank you for your solid leadership.

Dennis Verbeek Seis Lagos

You have come through again for us. I passed the crew on the bridge today. Tomorrow will be a lot of grateful drivers. Thanks again for your service to the county.

Shep & JoeAnn Stahel

We look forward to helping you earn another term. You are doing excellent work.